The Jeep Wrangler or 2014 Grand Cherokee: Louisville Kentucky Dealers Speak Out

Jeep Wrangler or 2014 Grand Cherokee?  A Louisville Kentucky Dealer and a blogger – help you decide.   In our First Drive article on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee we said, “our informal and thoroughly unscientific opinion is they’re going to sell tons of them. Why? Because it is very good.” So far, it appears the public concurs. Of course, it’s very early – the new compact utility has logged just one month of confirmed sales, but Larry Vellequette at Automotive News says dealers have told him that the second month of sales will be even better, a message that mirrors what we’ve heard from company execs.

In its first, severely truncated month on sale, the Cherokee sold 579 units. With all of November to play with, though, dealers moved 10,169 of them – compared to 11,753 Wranglers and 14,798 Grand Cherokees. That helped propel Jeep to a 30-percent year-on-year improvement for the month, Chrysler Group to a 16-percent improvement and the group’s 44th consecutive month of sales growth, exceeding analyst expectations in posting is best November numbers since 2007.

If it can just keep replicating the its first month of sales, the finalist in North American Truck of the Year voting will smoke the trade done by the outgoing Liberty, which didn’t break 7,900 units in a month in the last four years of its life (and normally didn’t get close to even that). In March this year, Chrysler said it wants to build 250,000 Cherokees in its Toledo assembly plant for global sales.  See more information and get reviews and ratings on both the Jeep Wrangler for Sale and Jeep Grand Cherokee at www.Jeep Reviews   It’s early yet, but with second-month sales quoted as being as “strong as death,” the bookies might be resetting the odds.

I took delivery of a fully loaded up Trailhawk, granite crystal metallic with black leather interior.  The only option not checked was the black applique on the the hood.  I traded in an ’07 BMW X3 M-Sport.  I have had this Jeep for 4 weeks now and I have to say I could not be more impressed in every respect.
I love the way it looks and drives.  It recently handled an 8″ snowfall in the hilly southwestern Pennsylvania terrain with total aplomb. Will I ever take it off road? Probably not much more than the beach in NC or some fairly tame trails in WV, but who cares, off road is not where I want or need to go and that is probably true of 95% of potential buyers of this vehicle.I think Jeep hit a bulls-eye with this vehicle.  They are in the business of selling cars. This vehicle is so far advanced compared to what it replaces. I’m pretty sure its going to sell quite well. I had an ’04 Liberty Limited and it may have been the worst car I’ve ever owned.  This is light years ahead of that vehicle.  Good Riddance to the Liberty.

Is this car targeted toward the old Cherokee faithful?  Heck no, those things were boxy, utilitarian appliances, and this is so much more than that.  Using the name Cherokee may have been Jeep’s only mistake.  So, if you’re looking for the Jeep Cherokee of yore, you probably should not look at this because you’ll be disappointed.  Stick with a Wrangler Unlimited and you’ll be much happier with the classic, quirky uncomfortable ergonomics, ponderous on road performance, back breaking harsh ride, ear splitting wind noise at highway speeds and atrocious fuel mileage.

If you want something modern that is comfortable, good looking, drives superbly on road and is more than adequate for all but extreme off roading, then look at the new Cherokee.  If you’re looking for the best pricing on Jeep Wranglers and Grand Cherokee for sale – check out the link.  I’m confident you’ll be impressed. in the 4 weeks of driving I have been approached no less than 10 times in parking lots and gas stations. Most people are very positive on the looks. On guy said “It just looks really weird, but I like it”.  Personally, I think its the best looking, most up to date Jeep ever produced.

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